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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Groundhog Dag at Chez Pout

Well, following on from Saturday's A&E and vet trips, yesterday and today have been rather like groundhog day.  More trips to A&E and vet. My feline patient is still a bit dodgy but my human patient is doing fine today, though grounded for a few weeks - no golf or driving.  However, he's relieved to be feeling much better today so he's handling being grounded really well.  
But it is only Day 1 ...
So maybe I can get him to sit out in the pergola to enjoy some shaded sun.  I wish I'd taken before shots of this but in recent weeks it's been smartened up, with staining and black paint and wisteria and grape vines tied back.  Geranium and lobelia have been planted.  Solar lights have been dotted around to that the space twinkles come dusk.   It's looking welcoming again.
What do you think?  I think it has a certain simple sophistication.  Maybe a bit Scandi?

The grape vine is loving Summer 2017.

I'm finding little clusters dotted around the vine.

2006 was a good year for Chateau Pout.  I'm hoping 2017 will be too.
I seem to recall reading some years ago that good summers go in an 11 year cycle.
We just may be in luck.
So, as my human patient was feeling so much better today, I drove him down to the beach and we went for a little walk on sand and in water.  He enjoyed that.  He paid the going rate for this treat.  He bought me a  super soft ice cream cone.  Mmmmnnn!

A la perchoine.


Sunday, 23 July 2017

A Less Than Summery Beach Walk

My dear readers, I do so want to give you some shots of me in summer dresses, little skirts and just maybe some shorts. 

But the truth is that following our thunderbolts and lightning (very, very frightening - is this starting to feel like Groundhog Day?!) and a deluge which tipped down 25% of our month's rainfall in 1 hour, well it just hasn't warmed up since.

And unless you live somewhere really hot like Florida, I guess you may have summer outfits that you pull out for less than summery conditions.  So, what's yours?

This is one of mine.  M&S 3/4 chinos and black boatneck jersey top.

And underneath, I wore a black cami, with a plan to take off the 3/4 sleeve top as I warmed up.
It didn't, and I didn't.

The snakeprint shoes are M&S too.  Hat-trick!

I call these my Pilates trousers.
Why?  Because they have a side zip.

And I consider my bending and flexing to do up the zip to be my daily Pilates workout.
I really do think side zip trousers should be re-directed to men's trousers.  For they don't have to side stretch over the boobie obstacle course. 
Nah, come to think of it, that wouldn't work, they need their zips in the front of their trousers! But it would be a good lesson in getting men to understand that our toilet visits aren't a quick zipping exercise and out of the cubicle.  Hmmnn,  I am likening this idea ...

So, why the confrontational look and stance?

No make up.  Well, apart from a slick of Nivea lip salve, and that doesn't count, does it?

Yes, today I dared to do shots without makeup and without the support props  of large sunhat and humongous sunnies.   I'm feeling pretty smug.  This is a major breakthrough.

It has been quite a journey.  From not taking rubbish out to the dustbin without full makeup, to his, showing my nakedness on the ether.  If you'd told me I would do this a few years ago I would have laughed my head off, how silly, that would NEVER happen.

But here I am, as makeupless as the day I was born.  In the past couple of years I have become braver and braver with the naked face.  It was only about a year ago that I dared a quick supermarket trip sans maquilliage.  Look at me now!

What's your view?  Make up in public, always?  Or, like me, have you taken a different stance on make up since you retired?  Or if you're working, maybe on weekend down-days?

I know I may bang on about this no-make up breakthrough of mine occasionally  But, you must understand, it is one big biggie in Pout World.

OK, enough of that.  Let's switch to Birkies and go out for a walk.

There are still puddles left from the deluge.

It was windy.  I could hardly keep my hair on!

And then I arrived at Les Amarreurs (pardon me if I haven't got the spelling spot on!)

The bay ahead, Chouet, is a great place for an evening swim, when the sun is dropping over the horizon.  Quite magical.  Not today.  Though we did manage to dip our toes in along the sea's edge.
A few braver people were swimming.

As you can see, it was a bit windy, definitely less than summery.

So the icecream man couldn't be bothered to get out of bed today.

Now, at this point I was to give you a video.  A reader mentioned recently that she liked my birdsong video so I was keen to show her that I could do more than just birdsong.  So I took not one, but half a dozen video clips when out beach walking today.  They're  still loading on YouTube.  I think I'll say goodnight at this point and leave those little morsels for another time.  Sorry to disappoint, Karen.

A la perchoine.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Keeping Dry in Summer

Hi maties, how's it going?
Here it's been all sorts of things.

Difficult today.  Because it involved ongoing health problems with hubby and cat.  All at the same time and all resolved, thankfully, and nothing too serious. but trips to vet and A&E were involved.  And stuff to deal with back home after.

Exciting yesterday.  Because I was on a Boxing 100K high.

We went out for a bite to eat to celebrate my 100K views milestone.

Theory.  I was going to wear a dress and enjoy the 10 minute walk to the restaurant.  So summery. 
Reality.  Following on from our recent thunderbolts and lightening (very, very frightening, Gallileo!) I wore jeans and we took the car because it was pelting it down by the time we were due to leave home.

So, instead of some slip of a dress, I wore my M&S 501s, Next top, The White Company taupe cardi and Jones wedges, this being the brown version of the wedges I showed you a week or so ago.

The wedges are example of when, back in the day, if I liked something, I bought it in another colour too.  BUT, not a frivolous waste of pennies it turns out, because now in retirement I am a paradigm of investment dressing (!), for I am enjoying the fruits of my investment, in shoes, cardis and so much more.

Today's "so much more" being handbags. 
A matchy-matchy brown leather Gianni Conti bag, to be precise, from my Working Girl days. I adore it.  And OMG, I have just googled them and they are still making lovely bags, all these years later.
   But I made a point of showing you my GC today as a evidence that I am wearing handbags again, now that I have found that they can do sooo much more than carry filofax, business papers, make up, spare tights etc.  They can carry practical stuff, like pensioner cardis and scarves. paint tins, cat food, fish and bone fertiliser, the sort of stuff which fits better with my life today. 
However, my life yesterday was nothing more than going out for a bite to eat and carrying a camera, phone, purse (wallet),  retractable hairbrush and lipsalve.  I am pleased to report that only the first of those items was used!

The deal was that I'd "let" The Photographer take me out to dinner if he dropped me by the door and he alone would walk from the car park in the deluge.  For I was not fully dressed for the weather and was he not the one with the vision to throw a rain jacket in the back of the car?

Call that a deal?  How did I get away with that?  But it worked as here I am, bone dry.
Cheers !!!

A la perchoine

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Time to Celebrate!

I wrote my first post on this blog 18 months ago.
I told just three family members and two friends of its existence.  That was my starting base
At precisely 14.45 on 20.07.17 (sounds like I'm announcing a birth!) my page views tipped into 6 figures.  Yes, I stayed glued to my screen as I watched the figure move from 99,999 to 100,000.  To say I was excited and humbled is an understatement.
So I cracked open the champagne!

I am overwhelmed when I realise that so many ladies (and a few gentlemen) have found the time and the inclination to read me, and to keep coming back.

I love to receive your comments, that is one of the most satisfying aspects of blogging.  A blog can be a very lonely place and to receive comments thrills me down to my marrow!

Readers and fellow bloggers are such kind and helpful people, and so generous of their time.

I'll write soon about why I started the blog and what I get from it.
But I just wanted to share my exciting news with you and say
Thank you sooooooooooo much
for popping in!

A la perchoine

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What is This Life ...?

Well, disaster, darlings!
We had a thunderstorm and a lightning strike directly overhead.   A thunderous single crack lasting no more than a few seconds.
 I happened to be sitting in the room where the wifi router is located.  I saw a flash of light in the room, for just a second.  I fear I may have been Frankensteined!
No surprise that I discovered later that we had no broadband connection on any devices.

So we've had a few days of trying to sort things out.
After many helpline conversations and fault finding missions, I picked up a new router today but we're still not there, it's not functioning and the hotline A Team are now on the case.   I'm typing this on Kindle as weirdly the router log-in has managed to piggyback off someone's WiFi in the hood onto this device. It's the only device that's functioning which means I'm on slow one-finger typing.  What a palaver!

Has this happened to you?
How did you cope?  Did you carry on regardless or run around like a frustrated headless chicken?!

The house benefited from my off-line status. With no keyboard twiddling to be had, I took to cleaning and organising the house.  That pleased The Photographer and, surprisingly, me too!

I hope it'll be business as usual for me soon.
But anyway, me and my one finger are here, so let's move on.  

Earlier in the week,  I enjoyed two school sports days spread over the one day.
I count my blessings that I am such a lucky granny to be able to participate in my little treasures' special days.

I felt inspired to take a selfie for you half way through the day.

And to show you the lawns on which sports day is held.

I am on cloud nine when I get to go this type of event.  I get a little over-excited and am close to tears of happiness.  
So emotional.

All the children did wonderfully and were so happy, enthusiastic and energetic.  What an amazing experience.

The school kiddies were lucky enough to have their special event on a glorious day.
It was hot, I doubt they noticed ... but grannies do!
So when Son and DIL invited me round for a refreshing Jacuzzi whilst they and The Photographer watched the first of the new series of Game of Thrones (I don't follow it), I jumped!

 I quickly slipped on a long Primani maxi.

This is its first outing this year.  It was excited too!

Under the maxi I wore my black tankini from Bravissimo, ready for some bubble action!

What a pleasure it was to soak my body in that bubbling Jacuzzi, looking up at the beautiful summer evening sky.  Watching the smokey wisps of cloud drift by, listening to the chatter of evensong, then letting my mind drift away as the sun itself began to drift behind the trees.  And to add to my pleasure, a hunky Samoyed was watching over me as he lay on the nearby sunbed.

What bliss.

What is this life if, full of care
We have not time to soak and stare.

With apologies posthumously to W H Davies for tweaking his words ever so slightly to make his poem Jacuzzi-friendly.

A perfect day, from start to finish.

Have you been lucky enough to tag along to any sports days this summer?

Now, dear reader, something special is happening in Pout World. I'm getting close to 100,000 reads.
Yes, I'm more than a little excited!
I'm displaying the number in the top right hand corner of my page to mark the event.  If you just happen to be the one who tips it into six figures, I'd be thrilled if you let me know in the comments box that it was you who crossed that magical threshold!

A la perchoine

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Yellow and Cacti Flowers

My house is a mess!
The building work continues and the men clean up after themselves, but the house feels dusty and messy and a bit Work in Progress.

So I've turned my back temporarily on the house and am giving all my focus to the garden.

This past week I've been painting wood panels in the pergola and sprucing up all the wooden and metal garden furniture.  Hence my rather embarrassing number of visits to B&Q for paint, the insatiable old furniture is drinking up any paint I splodge on it.

Dress code for painting garden furniture?  V. old and battered jeans and a long sleeved t shirt.   And even fully covered up, I've managed to have paint  seep through both garments on to the skin underneath!  Messy, huh?

So it was with arms outstretched that I greeted the entry in my diary on Thursday, which simply said "night out with the girls".

It was so nice to shower after that day's work (painting garden table and chairs), slap on some slap, and throw on a pretty frock.
Isn't it wonderful how just throwing on a simple dress can change your day.  Your mood.  From garden toiler to summertime fun seeker?!!!

Next floral linen dress, 2-3 years old.  Doesn't yellow make you feel so fresh in summer?

Our rendezvous was the Rockie, which I've featured many times before so I won't bore you with the internal and external shots and pics of my yummy food, for you have far better things to do with your time on a beautiful day.  The evening was sunny and hot.  We had fun,  eating tapas by open doors overlooking the sea, drinking a crisp, beautifully chilled Sauvignon Blanc and chatting.  Boy can we chat when we catch up!

It was such a lovely feel, that feel somehow being "human" again in dress, comfy shoes, doing something for a few hours that didn't involve a dust sheet and paint pots!
And they call this retirement?!!

Yes, I'm spending much time out of the house and in the garden.  Which is fine when the sun is shining.

 Recently I had a "duh" moment, which is rather embarrassing for someone who thrives on analysis, process, ergonomics, time and motion ...
I moved closer to the garden hose all potted plants that require daily watering, like tomatoes and peppers, that sort of stuff.  And I moved all plants which require infrequent watering the fartherest away from the garden hose's limits.
It has made watering so much easier.  Why oh why did I not think to do this years ago?!

Not only is my daily watering routine so much easier, but the plants seem to love their new spots.
The cacti are loving banishment into the wilderness, shoved in an afterthought sort of corner of the garden.
They all seem to be flowering.  For the first time!

This cactus got eaten by some creature last year.  As you know, I don't give up on most things, including plants.  So although it looked awful, I felt it was alive and deserved a place in the garden.
A few days ago I noticed a weird growth coming from it.  Next day, a beautiful white flower appeared!

So proud of my desert survivors!

By mid afternoon today, I splodged on my last bit of paint on our garden furniture for this summer.  I finished my last brushstroke on the metal table and chair and walked away from the garden.
I ceremoniously tore off my battered jeans and t shirt, threw them on a heap in the utility room and walked away, and suggested that the equally hard working Photographer do the same when he'd finished his last steamer chair.  It felt good.

So good, that I'm off to celebrate with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  Sitting out on the patio.  Admiring all my freshly painted garden furniture.
I hope you're enjoying a lovely Saturday.  Maybe enjoying looking on some of your efforts in the garden.   Maybe enjoying a glass of wine or bubbly.
Wishing you a happy rest of weekend.

A la perchoine.