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Thursday, 19 October 2017

How To Overegg Your Leoprint

Is it possible to overegg your leoprint?
Well, I believe it is and I believe I may just have done it.

You see, sometimes I can become a tad obsessive.  With clothing and most probably with pretty much everything else.  Except ironing :-).

I bought my leopard print scarf last autumn here.

 It soon became my go-to-scarf.

Being innovative (read: too lazy to use two words when one will do), I quickly called it my leoprint.  I wore it.  And I wore it.  It did get a summer break when it became just too hot to wear it (though I did use it as a beach sarong on more than one occasion - that doesn't count, eh?).  But it was back in service again some weeks ago.  It's quickly become a 3-and-a-bit season item in my wardrobe.

Whenever I wear something black, grey or beige, I grab my leoprint.
So that's pretty much every day then as those colours are my only core wardrobe shades.

But I do have another scarf in those same hues in my suitcase, so as I felt I was becoming a tad formulaic in my dress, I switched.  I asked The Photographer With Fashion Views which he thought was best.  I do this sometimes to allow him to feel engaged with the process, to let him believe that he is more than a clicking finger in this "model"/photographer relationship. He chose the Tie Rack silk square.  I agreed with him.  That does sometimes happen.  Not a lot, but sometimes.

And it suddenly dawned on me that I may just have been overegging my leoprint,  as magically my ancient silk square looked somehow fresh.  New.   Perhaps overegged starts to feel simply tired and stale over time.
And that, folks, is how you overegg your leoprint. 
Wear it solidly for 3+ seasons.   Wear it with everything.    Including a swimsuit!

So I really have been trying to burst out of my leoprint cocoon this autumn, before my obsession takes hold again for the another 3+ seasons.  Here I dipped my toe in the water with a blue/grey print scarf from the National Trust shop.

It felt a bit cold turkey.  But I lasted another day without my leoprint.
I'm going to tackle it one day at a time.

When I look back on posts from the last 12 months, I do wince a little when I see how quickly my leoprint took hold of me.  I became obsessive, but I think it's because it fits with so many of my neutrals.  Indeed, I have read many fashionistas say that animal print is a neutral, and I guess it is, as provided the print colours are vaguely in the colour range of what I'm wearing, it works for me.  And for others, just about any colourway goes with animal print.

So although I have perhaps overegged my outfits with my Zara leoprint scarf since the very day I bought it, well hey ho, I'm just being fashionista.

For the record, this is what absolute cold-turkey-padded-cell looks like in Pout World.
Gosh, I felt so naked on this day!

And just to prove that I don't spend all day at home obsessing about scarves, look, I did get down to the beach!

This was not a good visibility day but on the horizon in the middle of the picture you can just make out some headland, that being Eastbourne and the very tip being Beachy Head.  I show you this as the lovely Canadian blogger Susan of High Heels in the Wilderness recently visited Eastbourne.  It rained.  And it was damp and dreary.  So the day after I saw her IG post I took these shots because I wanted to show her that it doesn't always rain in Eastbourne.

So this one's for you, Sue!  Hugs, x.
(Hey, who put that leoprint around my neck?!!)

Now, dear readers, it's your turn.  Please tell me that you too have become obsessive about an item of clothing too.  Something that maybe sneaks into so many outfits, perhaps on most days and over several seasons?  Something you start to feel just plain naked without? 
Please don't leave me feeling like it's only me who wore a grey turtle neck jumper solidly every weekend for three whole seasons when she was 14!  And now, repeatedly wearing a leoprint scarf for 3+ seasons at the age of, err, oops, selective memory loss again!

A la perchoine.